Life Goals

These are some of the life goals I want to accomplish in the next foreseeable future. Some of them are higher priority than others but because I listed them as I thought of them, there is no particular order. I will update this from time to time if I finish one or if I come up with another goal. I like to have set goals even if I don’t accomplish all of them because it gives me a direction to take my life be it week by week, month by month or year by year.

Hike the Appalachian Trail  ~2.15 thousand miles from Maine to Georgia

Hike all 48 of the 4,000 ft mountains in New Hampshire – (I’ve done 24)

Climb: 5.14b, a Grade VI wall, Lead WI 4, M8, lead 5.13 on gear. V12 (x) – Beyond Life Sit Joe’s Valley, UT 11/21/2012

Summit (preferably free climb): Half Dome (CA), El Capitan (CA), The Grand Teton (WY) (x) – Upper Exum Ridge 8/3/13 with Aaron Bugh Ty Morrison-Heath and Renee Freeman, Granite Peak (MT) (x) – Standard Route 8/10/13 with Tony Chang , The Incredible Hulk (CA), Mt Cannon (NH) (x) – Benedictous 5/18/13 with Pat Dyess, The Chief (BC, Canada),  Ross Peak (MT), Seneca Rocks (WV), The Elephant’s Perch (ID), The Wolfs Head (WY), The Diamond – Longs Peak (CO), Mt Whitney (CA), Lovers Leap (CA)

Learn how to speak French

Travel to Spain, France (x) – Touch The Sky Inc. trip to Ceuse August 2014,Norway, Turkey, Patagonia (Chile), and South Africa

Visit all 50 States in the USA (I’ve been to 35 so far)

Compete in an IFSC World Cup (x) 8th October 2011  – Movement Climbing and Fitness, Boulder, Co – a dream since I started competing!

Learn how to properly Aid Climb (x) ish

Hand Drill a new climbing route (at least put in anchors)

Visit Sequoia and Kings Canyon National park, Glacier NP, and Yosemite NP (X) May 2015 with Pat Dyess, Arches NP, Grand Canyon NP, Joshua Tree NP, Olympic NP

Walk on a glacier (x) 8th August 2011 – Dinwoody Glacier, Wind River Range, ~40  to 50% of 1960’s era mapped glacier remains today.

Learn how to Sail

Learn how to drive a manual transmission car (x) mostly got it


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