Goals For 2011

Setting for MSU Prince and Princess of Plastic – Bozeman, MT, January 22nd and 23rd (x) – lots of hard work but it was all worth it to watch the finals. Need to come up with a way to get more people to compete next year.

ABS Adult Nationals – Boulder, CO, February 11th & 12th (x) – 34th out of 47 a new personal best for a bouldering comp, but lots to work on for April, psyched!

SCS Open Nationals – Boulder, CO, April 1st – 3rd (x) – Placed 12th out of 33 in the male open category, Made it into finals for the first time really stoked to be where I am but I’m still learning the subtleties of an onsight route competition. On to Spring Fling!

Spring Fling 2011 – Bozeman, MT, April 16th – (x) Three-peat! so psyched!!! My personal best at a redpoint comp.

SCS Region Finals – Bozeman, MT, May 14th – (x) I’ll be setting for the Kids from around the Big Sky region (MT, UT, ID, and WY) looking to advance into Divisional’s and beyond. It went very well, loads of work but it was worth every second of it.

Butte Bouldering Bash – Homestake Pass, MT, August 27th (x) – placed 2nd in Men’s Open, 3rd overall. Really Hot this year and did a lot of the same problems, a shame I should have done more exploring…

Lost Horse Climbing Festival – Hamilton, MT, September 10th – my apologies to the Missoula folk, the fire and route climbing training kept me away…

IFSC Lead World Cup – Boulder CO, October 8th (x) – just go my invite, so excited to have this opportunity! What a welcome to the big boys club damn! Watching the other competitors was inspiring and humbling, I’d really like to try another one of these and see how I change.

FGD 11- Bozeman, MT, first weekend of November (x) – got talked into competing and ended up placing 9th, strong group this year!

Areas to Visit: Flathead Pass, Little Bear Canyon (x) – needs a trail!, Scorched Earth (x), Beehive Basin, Ross Peak, Cascade Creek (x), Chestnut (x), Frog Rock, Smith Rock, Natural Bridge (x)


5.13: 8 Seconds, Forbidden Fruit (x), Sky Pilot (x), The Actual Parchments (x) – 2nd go. Bottom Feeder (x), Cote d’Azure (x), Swamp Thing (x) Deadly Nightshade (x), Sharktopuss (x) – FA, The Incredible Horsecock (x), Dances With Cows (x) – flash

5.12: Crosstown Traffic (x) – os, Carbs and Caffeine (x), Main Line (x) – flash, Byline (x), Chain Reaction, Songline, The Black Pearl (x) flash, and Fakir. Wonderstuff (x) – Onsight (hardest to date), New Wave Hookers (x)- onsight, Fear This Sport (x) – onsight, Geometric Progression (x) – onsight, Second Coming (x) – onsight, Tortuga (x) – Onsight, Save the Heart to Eat Later (x) – flash, Maneater (x) -flash, Dancing Fox (x) – onsight, Of Mice and Men (x) – 2nd go. Lack of Vision (x) – 2nd go, Sub Zero (x) – 3rd go, done with the cave! Donkey Kong (x) – onsight, 2nd in Bozeman :), Napoleon’s Highchair (x) – onsight, Head Like a Hole (x) – onsight, Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (x), Big Kahuna (x) – so good, wish I had onsighted it, The Caged (x) 2nd go, Technosurfing (x), Crown Prince Abdullah (x)- flash, Happiness in Slavery (x), Strut Your Funky Stuff (x), Little Engine That Could (x), Root Down (x), Kielbasa (x) – onsight! Lion’s Den (x), Warm Up Route (x), Cloud Devil (x), Pageant of the Transmundane (x) – 2nd go, Killer (x), Spook Eyes (x) -os, Blue Moon (x) – os, Dush Doctor (x) – os, Calm Like a Bomb (x) – os, Esplanada (x) – os, The Dope Shinto (x) – os, Pistol Grip Pump (x) – os

5.11: Bioluminescence (x), Densepack  (x), Sky King (x), Banana Dance (x), Pinching Bird Shit (x), Pickled Cock (x), Trey Lizardos (x), As the Crows Fly (x), Under the Boardwalk (x), Seventh Hour (x), Director of Human Affairs (x), The Good (x), Feeding the Rat (x), Rancho Deluxe (x), Can’t Kill Yourself (x), On the Job Training (x),  Fistful of Steel (x),  The Ugly (x), The Great White Buffalo (x), Wired Me Alive (x), Wagon Wheel of Death (x), Nickel bag of Funk (x), Groupie Fantasy (x), Retro (x), The Send (x), Shadow Boxing (x), Gloom (x), The Twitch (x),

5.10: Cal. west (x), Tombstone Bullets (x), Incubus (x), Afterlife (x), Dirtbag (x), ? (x) – chuckawalla, Bonehead (x), Pretty Polly (x), Lead Between the Lines (x), Flake Fest (x), Face Cadet (x), Thor (x), Magic Helmet (x), Milk Toast (x), Underworld (x), Cut and Run (x), Little Drill That Couldn’t (x), Little Boy (x), Pocket Pool (x), Godfather 1 (x), Jugs for Jesus (x)

5.9: Orange Crack (x), Sands of Blood (x), Spirit World (x), Pink Coral (x), Diesel Driver (x), FFF (x)

5.8: Elitists Demise (x), Wendigo (x), Standard Route- Gallatin Tower (x)

5.7: Tunnel Vision (x), Righteous Indignation (x),

5.6: Skyline (x)


V10: Nerve Extension – (x) 2nd go from the start on the 2nd day. Battletoads (x), Resident Evil (x) – from the OG start, Beyond Life (x)

V9: Unnamed – (x) Joe’s valley, Bubbatronic (x), Worse Case Scenario (x), Playmate of the Year (x), Squeezin and Teasin (x) – 2nd ascent?, Fiery Furnace (x) – w/o dyno,

V8: Kind of Brawny – (x), Lap Dances are so Much Better if the Stripper is Crying – (x), Vortex (x) – flash,

V7: Dirty Harry (x) – flash, The Wind Below (x) – flash, Dark Continent (x), Porcini or Portobello (x),

V6: Scary Monsters – (x) 1st go of the day, plus one day back in November, Unknown (X) – thing on Croc Rock boulder? Low Tide (x), Vertical Ice (x), Feels Like Grit (x) – flash (morphological problem if I’ve ever seen one, harder if you are short)

V5: The Popes Penis Simulator – (x) Trailer Boulders (March 5th), Brawny Dyno – (x), Kelly’s Arete (x), Kill by Numbers (x),

V4: Bible Grippers – (x) FA, Trailer Boulders (March 5th), The Pearl – (x), Snake Eye’s -(x), Bobcat in a Kipparoo – (x), Ankle Deep in Gasoline (x)

V3: Grand Master Wizardry – (x) FA, Trailer Boulders (March 5th), Get Shorty – (x),Tiger Blood – (x) FA, Trailer Boulders (March 5th), Michelangelo – (x) flash, Tan Streak – (x), The Triangle – (x),

V2: Umbrella Traverse – (x) Rumney (Jan 5th), Get Your Hands Off My Crack – (x) Whiskey Gulch, FA? (Feb 5th), Violent Love – (x) FA, Trailer Boulders (March 5th), Cleansed in the Blink of an Eye – (x) FA, Trailer Boulders (March 5th), Getting Warmer – (x), Black Gold – (x),

V1: Making Gold out of Tin Cans – (x) FA, Trailer Boulders (March 5th), The Vatican Assassins – (x) FA, Trailer Boulders (March 5th), Warm Me Up Scotty – (x), Ankle Deep in Gasoline (x) – flash

V0:Battle Tested Bayonets – (x) FA, Trailer Boulders (March 5th), Addicted to Winning – (x) FA, Trailer Boulders (March 5th)


WI3: The Elevator Shaft- TR 2/20/11, G1 – TR 2/20/11

learn to Hand Drill/Power Drill bolts and put anchors on the route I did last year with Gabby (x) first half only

To buy a drill or not to buy a drill??? (x) -got a drill on the cheap, an old 24V Bosch Annihilator

Continue macrocycle training throughout the year – focusing on difficulty this year, pushing my limits (x) – I think Sky Pilot was pushing my limits, now for the next step…

explore potential new routes and problems (x) got the equipment now for a trail…



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