Climbing Goals 2009

List of accomplished goals from 2009:
Explore MT climbing: go to Natural Bridge Area (X), find limestone crag by the “M” (x), go to chestnut mountain, find crag in Hyalite canyon (X), visit gallatin canyon (X), Ten Sleep, WY (x)

Star Wars 6 (x)
Chocolate Muffin Warm- Up 6 (x)
Tonka Trucks 7 (x)
Strawberry Crack 7 (x)
Oh! The Dingleberry’s 7 (x)
Christianity On Demand 8 (x)
Herbarium 8 (x)
Sparerib 8 (x)
Skin Diver 8 (x)
Nagasaki 8 (x)
The Fiver 8 (x)
Public Service 8 (x)
South Sea 9 (x)
Bird of Paradise (x)
Snap Dragon 9 (x)
C-Bucket 9 (x)
Robin 9 (x)
Molly’s Stealth Ride 9 (x)
Lincoln Logs 9 (x)
Short Route 9 (x)
Legos 9 (x)
(unknown) 10 (x)
Easter 10 (x)
(Unknown) 10a (x)
Hiroshima 10a (x)
Choss Warfare 10a (x)
Hillbilly Heaven 10a (x)
First Best 10a (x)
Under the Sea 10a (x)
Labors of Lust 10a (x)
Tigger 10a (x)
Supper Heros 10a (x)
Coral Crimper 10a (x)
Crawlin’ Thru Time 10b (x)
Over The Hill 10b (x)
(unknown) 10b (x)
Snap, Crackle, Pop 10b (x)
The Natural 10c (x)

Half Baked 10c (x)

Drive By Shooting 10c (x)

Some Boys Never Learn 10c (x)
Bitch Slab 10c (x)
(Unknown) 10c (x)
Alluvial Ecstasy 10c/d (x)
Himalayas Calling 10d (x)
Slice and Dice 10d (x)
When the Time Comes 10d (x)
Colors 11a (x)
Supper Jesus 11a (x)
It’s It 11a (x)
Black Parade 11b (x)
(Unknown) 11b (x)

The Force 11b (x)

Life Force 11b (x)
Fright Train 11b (x)
Soft In the Middle 11c (x)

Bun in the Oven 11c (x)
Quality Control 11c (x)
Four Engine Effort 11c (x)
Porcelain Wall 11c (x)
Bull in a China Closet 11d (x)
Killer Karma 11d (x)
Black Russian 11d (x)
Tortuga 11d/12a (x)
Cocane Rodeo 12a (x)

G – Force 12a (x)

Winds of Deception 12a (x)
Center El Shinto 12a (x)
Blackalicous 12a (x)

Unamed 12a (x)
Bowling For Buicks 12a (x)
China Crisis 12a (x)
Uber Ass 12a (x)
Train Wreck 12b (x)
Stranger Than Fiction 12b (x)
Two Stroke 12c (x)
Weapons of Mass Destruction 12c (x)
The Kraken 12c (x)
Phytoplankton 12d (x)
Irukandji Syndrome 12d (x)
Pussytoes 12d/13a (x)
Permutation 13a (x)

Man On The Moon V0 (x)
No Street Shoes Allowed V0 (x)
Red Devil V0 (x)
Marley and Me V0 (x)
Three Little Pigs V0 (x)
Bumper Ball V0 (x)
Beltar V1 (x)
(unnamed) V1 (x)

The Scoop V1 (x)
Power Tennies V1 (x)
Wave Runner V2 (x)
Choss, Moss and Butt Floss V2 (x)
Watch your Arse V2 (x)

Cynthia’s Arrete V2/3 (x)
Yardstick V2/3 (x)

Old School V3 (x)
Labia Minora Right V3 (x)
Power Pig V3 (x)
Gunshy V3 (x)
Wavy Gravy V3 (x)
Choss and Moss Traverse V3 (x)
Gutter Ball V3 (x)
High Life V4 (x)

Rub My Butt V4 (x)

Twisted V4 (x)
Ho Chi Min Right V4 (x)
Yardstick Direct V4 (x)

Frosted Flakes V4(x)

Shingles Stand Start V4/5 (x)
Diamonds Aren’t Forever V5 (x)
Finders Keepers V5 (x)
Powerline Right V5 (x)

The Walrus (X)
Jlo V5 (x)
Mr. Leslie V6 (x)

Planet of the Apes V6 (x)

Pocket rocket V6 (x)

Wills A Fire
Foo Man Chew V6 (x)
Gigarete V7 (x)

King of Kings V7 (x)

Shot Hole Arete V7 (x)

Chips V6/7 (x)
The Secret of The Flower of Life Volume 1  V? (x)
The Wittler V? (x)

They Call Him Jordan V8 (x)

Stand Up V8 (x)

Eden V10 (x)

Resident Evil V10 (x)

Mt Hyalite- MT (x)
Blackmore-MT (x)

Trad – learn and practice so I can do the Grand Teton and Granite Peak (x)

Pocatello Pump – (x) 2nd place Yosemite Mens Non-Local


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