2014 Goals

In the process of moving to Salt Lake City I almost forgot about making up a list of goals for the year. Last year I didn’t really make as many of them as I wanted (school and such getting in the way of climbing, go figure). Mostly this year I’d like to see as many of the new areas, that are now local to me, as possible:

Lone Peak, Echo Canyon, Maple Canyon (x) , Little Cottonwood (boulders and ropes), Castle Rock, Western Desert (Ibex, Wendover, etc.), VRG, and Anywhere else I don’t know about yet.

I’d also like to go to Joe’s and try a lot of boulders I’ve wanted to try over the last few year: Jitterbug Perfume (x), Black Dahlia, No Substance (x), Ghost King, and more.

Take more photos (x)

Blog more often

Visit my girlfriend (x)

Smile and laugh and drink a beer from time to time (x)

Maybe ski more too


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