2013 – Wish List

Well I’ll be blunt… I’m graduating from MSU next December with a degree in Biochemistry finally. What happens after is that I’m probably going to move out of Montana in search for a job. Nothing is set in stone but there’s a high probability I’ll be moving away from Bozeman come January next year. With that in mind I slimmed down the list this year for the routes I really really want to do before I leave town next year… If I do leave, who knows when I’ll be back with time enough to climb outside… so here goes:

5.14: I want to try Boy With A Broken Halo (a)

5.13: He Biggum [Ten Sleep] (d), Creatures of the Night (c?), Isla de Los Locos (c) – 4/27/13, Ten Pin (c), Bi-winning (b), Der Fruh Lowe (a)

5.12: Songling (c), Rusty Nail (d), Cardiac Arete (d), Fakir (b), The New Route in Bear Canyon (d?)

5.11: Crack of Libido, Stigmata, Butthole Surfer, French Lace, If Pleiades Could Dance, The Centennial Route

5.10: Farewell to Arms, The Fellowship, Dark Horse, Mr Friendly,

5.9: Ithaca Connection

V11: Rabbit Hole

V9: Summer in Paradise, The Green Monster (x) – kinda

Projects: Cube Project, Skyline Project, Protein Project, Space Mansion Projects, Natty Bridge Stuff

Check out Wolverine Gulch (x), Find Tat Tvam Asi, Keep walking around in the woods by Lava Lake (x), The Clark’s Fork (x)


Prince and Princess of Plastic – January 19th-20th, i’ll be setting (x)

MT Bouldering Championships  – February 9th (x) – 3rd, it all came down to flashes

ABS Open Nationals, Feb 22nd-23rd

SCS Open Nationals April 5th-6th (x) – 18th place out of 44, one of the most stacked field of competitors I’ve ever been against. Who knew rope climbing would get popular… very happy with this!

Spring Fling – Spire Climbing Center – April  12th (x) – Boom! 5th year in a row, I’m going to miss this event

Butte Boulder Bash – Butte, MT, (x) – did both a combination of the marathon and the difficulty because i did 50 routes and then tried the sit start to Heart of Darkness for the rest of the time…

The Rocky Comp – Spokane, WA, November – postponed till 2014…

Full Gravity Day – Spire Climbing Center, November (x) – 3rd place, played the game well and was rewarded against physically stronger climbers


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