Montana Bouldering Championships – Steepworld, Billings, MT – February 4th (x) – 2nd place after double overtime finals ending in a failed pull up contest, most fun I’ve had at a comp in a long time!

Wild Walls’ Climb Like a Psycho – Spokane, WA – February 18th (x) – 3rd place behind two Seattle young guns, Alex and Sam are wicked strong! Got to visit some great people and experience some great setting. Plus Evan and I got a tour of local bouldering area Tum Tum! See you guys in April.

ABS Open Nationals – Colorado Springs, CO – February 24 & 25th (x) finished 41st out of 61 competitors, not super happy with my climbing but happy with how I went about it, finally figuring out how to do an onsight bouldering comp…. and lots of ideas for setting 🙂

SCS Open Nationals – April 6-8th (x) 21st out of 38, i climbed really well but it wasn’t reflected in my placement cause everyone else climbed better than me. oh well, it happens, that’s the crazy thing about comps that people don’t like.

Spire Spring Fling – Spire Climbing Center, Bozeman, MT – April 13th (x) 4th year in a row Men’s Open Champion, this year had some of the best routes yet!

Freestone Climbing Center’s 1st Competition – April 28th (x) I beat Charlie, Kerrek, and Dominick at bouldering for a change… I can’t let them live this down, it probably won’t happen again!

Butte Bouldering Bash – Butte, MT – October 13th Link – placed 2nd to Dominick by one flash. I need to spend more time out in the Batholith this winter!

UBC Pro Tour Seatle – September 21st – finger injury in the month prior…

Lost Horse Bouldering Festival – Hamilton, MT – September – No event this year sadly

Pocatello Pump – Pocatello, ID – September 14th and 15th

IFSC World Cup – Stone Summit, Atlanta, GA – September 29 & 30th – I didn’t qualify this year, and I’m not disappointed at all, freedom!

Freestone Comp – Missoula, Mt – October 27th (x) 1st place after epic finals showdown with Charlie

Full Gravity Day 12 – Spire Climbing Center, Bozeman, MT – November 10th (x) 3rd place, made my goal of making it back into finals!

Steep World Comp – Billings MT – November 17th (x) – finished 1st, must’ve been having a great day… the fact that charlie and dom went bouldering before the comp may have been a contributing factor.

Big Sky Region Finals – Spire Climbing Center Bozeman, MT – December 8th


Prince and Princess of Plastic – Montana State University, Bozeman, MT January 28th and 29th (x) – our best year yet… how to improve for next year?

The Rocky Comp – Spokane, WA – November 10th, hoping to pull out a miracle here! (x) wish I could’ve stayed but I’m pretty sure I made the best of what I was given

Get my level one USA Climbing certification


5.14: F’ed in the A (out of the question, drilled glued awkward choss pile!), Busload of Faith, Frank’s Project, Scarface

5.13: Isla De Los Locos, Ten Pin, 8 Seconds (x), Anything new at Frog Rock, Tetonka, The Throne (x), The Swamp Choss (x), Der Fruh Lowe, Skyline Project, Beach Ball Project, Monsters of the Deep, I’ll Be Your Huckleberry (x), Morticia, Rude Boys, Darkness at Noon, Churning in the Wake, Aggro Monkey, The Hellion (x),

5.12: Rusty Nail, Songline, New Stuff at Frog Rock (x), Tat Tvam Asi, Cardiac Arete, Sapphire, Fakir, Crack of Tripe, Chain Reaction, Wott’s Tots,

5.11: Crack of Libido, Stigmata, Orange Crack P2, Butthole Surfer, Oh My Gouache, French Lace, If Pleiades Could Dance, Bill The Cat, Paint it Brown, Sunshine Dihedral

5.10: Red Beards Delight, Men’s Rea – X (x), Farewell to Arms, The Canary, Don’t Think Twice, Never on Sunday, The Fellowship, Cold Forged Steel

5.9: Ashes of Stone (x), The Joker (x) – almost fell off at the top for no reason, 5.9 Crack, Ithaca Connection

5.8: Callis’ Warts and Corns – R (x) – sooooo good, not that bad for an R rating

5.6: Standard Route on the 1st Flatiron (x)


V11: Rabbit Hole

V9: Summer in Paradise, The Green Monster, No Business Like Ho Business, Hookers in Training

V8: The Boogie Monster, Caught In the Act (x),

V6: Arete of Doom (x)


Spring Break -Red Rocks (x) – had a blast in the sun! Trip report to come…

Thanksgiving – Joe’s Valley (x) – had its ups and downs, wish I could’ve been there longer…


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