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A Year(ish) in Photos

Ha, well the last time I posted anything on here was… oh yeah, January. In the mean time I’ve moved around a bit and landed in Laramie, WY. Maggie and I plan to be here for a bit while she … Continue reading

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Kevin “K-Bone” Volkening

Kevin, the Master of Ceremonies, for the annual bouldering competition the Prince and Princess of Plastic that he started in 2010. Kevin proudly wearing the unflattering v-necks he ordered for the 2012 Prince and Princess of Plastic competition. I don’t … Continue reading

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May 19th

In the two months since my last post a lot has happened. School kept me very busy till the end like usual and then I got a month off from work so I went on a climbing road trip with … Continue reading

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Training… What’s it really for?

This may seem a bit jaded, I swear it’s not. Winter, you know that season where all this white stuff falls out of the air, it’s really cold, and generally always wet outside. Who would’ve thought it makes for bad … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of This and That

The Recent: Spending lots of time at Whiskey, not registering for ABS Nationals this year, Montana Bouldering Championships, my laptop breaking in half, I don’t have photoshop anymore… sad face, weekly photography project, what to shoot?, working in lab,  having … Continue reading

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Winter’s Here for Better or Worse

Its been a while… at first I was hoping to go back up to cascade a few more times get photos and put up something about how the season ended. For me the season ended almost a month ago now … Continue reading

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Crispy Like Bacon

Logan was HOT!!! The 2nd day there it hit 98 F so no climbing that day. Pretty sure we drank more beer than climbed… It didn’t help that the China Cave is all uber polished link-ups in the china cave without any … Continue reading

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