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Training… What’s it really for?

This may seem a bit jaded, I swear it’s not. Winter, you know that season where all this white stuff falls out of the air, it’s really cold, and generally always wet outside. Who would’ve thought it makes for bad … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of This and That

The Recent: Spending lots of time at Whiskey, not registering for ABS Nationals this year, Montana Bouldering Championships, my laptop breaking in half, I don’t have photoshop anymore… sad face, weekly photography project, what to shoot?, working in lab,  having … Continue reading

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Winter’s Here for Better or Worse

Its been a while… at first I was hoping to go back up to cascade a few more times get photos and put up something about how the season ended. For me the season ended almost a month ago now … Continue reading

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Escaping the Heat

Last week while at Spire I started a conversation with a new PhD student Tony about areas around town. When I told him about Cascade Creek he got pretty excited and wanted to check it out. The next day we … Continue reading

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Summer is Here!

I just got my wisdom teeth removed and I finally have time and internet access to write another post. Schools out for the summer and lots of my spring trips have already started and passed. With the warm weather only … Continue reading

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FGD 11 – Turn the Amp to 11

I’m not a boulderer but when November comes around its time for Full Gravity Day the largest competition held at Spire each year. That means I have to join in! This year I was planning on taking it easy and … Continue reading

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