2015 Goals

I tried to keep my goals in 2014 simple. I moved to a new place with a full time job and I didn’t really know what to expect. Well as it turns out I got a ton of climbing in in 2014 but almost all of it was in the gym while I lived in SLC. Who knew working as a routesetter fulltime doesn’t leave you with time or motivation to get outside really. So besides a few days in LLC and Maple more of my climbing was done in short trip a to The Fins, Wild Iris, and Ceuse this spring/summer than getting out after work or on the weekends. This all got turned on its head when Maggie and I moved to Laramie. No gym. Vedauwoo is only about 15 mins from my front door though so I it out whenever I could this fall, but the winter has been rough.

So for 2015:

Explore El Dakota – we found it at the end of the season in 2014 and walked around what is ‘not’ El Dakota our one day up there.

Explore Needle Peak and Neverland – I know vaguely where the boulders are but that’s the need for exploration on my part

Explore the diamond of the med bows – driving by the walls look beautiful but as you get closer they also look more like a pile. I want to look into what has been done here and maybe repeat a trafficked route to see how promising it looks

Climb in Rodger’s canyon – I did a few routes this fall but I want to finish the wall off if I can!

Wild Iris – I have unfinished business with Throwin’ The Houlihan!

I complain a lot about Vedauwoo but there is a lot still out there for me to do. Like all of Campjack and finding Optimus Prime among others.


Albany, WY

Rope Climbing in Vedauwoo


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