I hadn’t gone on a solo climbing trip before, but I had just graduated from college and had some free time. I’m not sure when I first wanted to go to Bishop but needless to say it’s been on the bucket list of climbing destinations for a while. So why not?

View from atop the Volcanic Tablelands

View from atop the Volcanic Tablelands

Bishop turned out to be the perfect place to travel to solo. For the week I was there the day I left was the most deserted I’d seen the campground, called the Pit, with at least a dozen groups of climbers staying through the weekend.

I was fortunate that I was able to meet up with Fletcher and Augy the first day of my trip so I could get oriented with people I already knew. I also climbed with Blaine, a guide in Hueco and his friends from Tahoe, a group of college kids from the Bay Area, and many small groups that I met out at the boulders randomly while bouncing between classics.

I have to apologize to the climber on Saigon in the photos (it’s not me). I climbed with him for almost three days, but I can’t remember his name anymore. I want to say it was Chris??? Sorry.

By far and away the best part about Bishop, in my opinion, was the sunrises. Everyday, without fail, I would awake to the mountains set afire by the alpine glow cast on the Eastern Sierra by the rising sun. Not a bad way to wake up if you ask me.


I was only in Bishop for eight days, with two pads, which limited me a heck of a lot more than you would think. Even with the unbelievably warm temps, I felt a little held back by the lack of padding and most importantly someones hands covering my ass in case of a gnarly fall. Next time I’m bringing more pads, and a spotter.

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  1. joey says:

    I’m coming next time!

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