A Little Bit of This and That

More on this in a bit!

More on this in a bit!

The Recent: Spending lots of time at Whiskey, not registering for ABS Nationals this year, Montana Bouldering Championships, my laptop breaking in half, I don’t have photoshop anymore… sad face, weekly photography project, what to shoot?, working in lab,  having nothing work the way we want in lab, my middle finger PIP joints are pissed at me, deciding to go to Japan after I graduate, tying into a rope again, how do I clip a quickdraw?, figuring out how to move again. The Movie?!?!?!

A lot has happened in the last month when I think about it, yet no single thing really seems worth to blog about. Starting the day after PAPOP I took a bunch of trips out to Whiskey Gulch. It started out as training trips for ABS Nationals, but that soon eroded into wandering around, lost in the woods having skin shredding, recovery week inducing, bouldering sessions in the snow. Don’t get me wrong a lot of fun was had by all. I managed to finish off most of my long term projects at Whiskey, Evan got stoked on bouldering, Tony actually found the boulders, David crushed everything in sight, and everytime we would get back to the car at sunset exhausted, with wet, frozen feet and holes in our fingers. Its hard to imagine a better way to spend a sunny winter weekend with friends.

Besides my silly ranting I should mention that there is something I’m really excited about, and it seem like lots of other people are excited about too. Kris Zigich spent all of last summer shooting video in at every sport crag in Bozeman to make the Bozeman Sport Climbing Movie. Over the last 3 months when he released the trailer I keep seeing links and long comment threads about the movie from people in Missoula to internet blogs I’ve never heard of.  Everyone gets pretty excited to watch Reel Rock and all the ski premiers in the fall every year and occasionally we get to see someone from Bozeman in them. When was the last time you got to see a full length movie about people you know climbing rad things in your backyard, though? This is akin to when Toy Soldiers started up and gave Bozeman Come Find Us. Come on people, lets get the community rounded up , pack the house, get stoked for summer and show some love to a guy who was crazy enough to move here and start a project like this on his own. Oh and did I forget to mention that Bozone is sponsoring the event, local beer, local climbing whats not to love.

I know I’ll be there, will you?

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet you should watch it:

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