Sampling Spokane’s Best

Last Friday I drove out to Spokane, WA to help set for a bouldering comp at a local gym called The Rocky. We started setting Wednesday, the last couple of days I’ve been getting a tour of the local places from Bryan Franklin, Chris Covillo, and Billy Ward. All of which are on the climbing team coached by Joshua Jackman who has been nice enough to put up Alex Fritz and myself for the week at his place.

The day after I arrived in Spokane, Bryan, Chris and I took off at 7:00 am to drive 3 hours to go to China Bend. A south facing limestone cliff just off the banks of the Columbia river and has some really cool features including several tufas! We started off warming up on the left end of the cliff and started moving right into the more overhanging terrain. The overhang may not get more than 15 degrees over but the small holds and thin tufa pinches make for some difficult climbing in a hurry.

Saturday Alex arrived from Seattle a little too late to go to China Bend, so the next day we headed down to a more local area Deep Creek. Deep Creek is characterized by cracked out basalt that reaches up close to 100 feet. The routes seem even longer because it’s rare that the routes go straight up they move side to side as they wander up the cliff, making for interesting movement. Both days it was overcast with high humidity but not wet which made the temps great but the basalt felt a little extra slippery.

Monday we climbed with the team at their practice. I had a great time climbing with the kids wow seemed really psyched on climbing and excited that they got to climb with us, it was a real treat.

Tuesday Alex, Ryan Crowe, and I went for an adventure day out in McLellan State Park trying to find boulders. It was really foggy that day so the rock was a bit damp in some spots, but we made the best of it and wandered around a bit admissibly stumbling into boulders. McLellan was a cool place but in need to a lot more traffic… I’m pretty sure we managed to break something off of every problem we tried.

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