Eyes Wide Open

Since school started I have taken to the limited reality of the weekend warrior quite well. This summer between the smoke, the heat, and a nagging finger injury I was VERY unmotivated to climb. At the begging of the summer I looked at the route index in the back of both Bozeman guidebooks a lot to figure out what I have not climbed around Bozeman over the last 3 years. Unfortunately the more I look at those lists, the more I get discouraged by 5.13+ projects I haven’t finished yet or lots of moderate sub-classics, which by no means aren’t worth doing but they just didn’t inspire me… I pretty much only climbed eight new routes in Bozeman between June and August and I did 4 of those in a day…

About a month ago Tony Chang, a new grad student at MSU, wanted to go bouldering outside so I took him up to Cascade Creek just below Lava Lake. He got supper excited about the quality and quantity of boulders in the talus. Since his first introduction to the area we’ve gone up to the talus field at least a half dozen times. Changing from route climbing to bouldering (which I sucked at at first) has brought back my motivation to climb this fall. Every time we go up there I think we add at least 2 new lines, just filling in undone projects around the lower boulder field. But as with all places Tony and I have already done most of the lower problems. We have thrown around the idea of hiking up to the top of the boulder field for a long time now but never followed through.

Last weekend we finally sacked up and hiked up to some of the higher established boulders to warm up with hopes of continuing up the hill. Unfortunetly we got sidetracked by a cool project on the Carpenter Boulder, a direct-ish line that goes up from the start through two very cool slopers. After that we settled with just a hike around to see if it was even worth going uphill after all.

Let me just say that if Cascade Creek has ~60 boulder problems currently established it has enough climbable boulders for at least triple that if you go straight up the hill from the entrance and that’s not including going downstream!!!

Friday night a Fletcher, Kris, Mclain, and I went to the cube and I checked out the project extension to Roller Girls and I think it’ll go this fall too. Between Friday at the cube and Saturday at Cascade motivation has returned in floods and I have embraced my new weekend warrior status to get out every weekend now until the inevitable snows shut us down for the season. This weekend was an important wake up call to get me motivated. I just wish I had more than just weekends to go out and try all these new boulders!

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