Summer is Here!

I just got my wisdom teeth removed and I finally have time and internet access to write another post. Schools out for the summer and lots of my spring trips have already started and passed. With the warm weather only around for such a small amount of the year in the Northern Rockies I’ve been taking advantage of as much of it as possible while I kept up with all my classes.

Spring Break down in Las Vegas with the MSU climbing club was better than I expected. I left town on Thursday before hand with Nick, who I had never met before. Having close to 30 people there with the club and my friend Alex from Spokane gave me a lot of options on who and where to go each day. I was able to get my confidence up trying hard routes outside which was really helpful for Nationals.

Shortly after spring break Aaron and I headed down to Boulder, CO for the SCS Nationals. I climbed really well on the two qualifier routes but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to get me into finals this year. The field included a lot of new faces and some big names that it didn’t last year. Despite all this I finished 21st out of 38 competitors, just ahead of many of the other competitors who made finals last year. Alex and Sarah made a road trip out from Las Vegas for Alex to compete as well, and since neither Alex or I made it into finals all three of us spent the afternoon waiting in line on while climbing the iconic first flatiron. Which made for a great distraction while waiting to watch finals, even if it was a bit weird to lookout and see the entire front range population sprawling out in front of us.

When Aaron and I got back to Bozeman I got slammed by school projects and moving out of my house. The first couple of weekends in April I was able to get out to natural bridge with Evan and Dave to finish off some of the hard routes I haven’t tried in a while. It was really nice to get back on new things around Bozeman, and Evan even convinced me to bolt another shorty in the foyer.

The annual Spring Fling competition came and went with some new volumes and holds from So Ill and Climb It! Unfortunately Beer Fest, Spring Fling, and the MSU Rodeo were all on one night which lead to low attendance and the new region layout came into effect this year so we had fewer kids compete too. Unfettered by the low attendance at the comp Jeff started construction right away on the new face-lift for the gym! We’re going to have half of the gym available to the public the entire summer, meaning the other half of the ropes room will be inaccessible this year.

Just before finals week I was able to skip out of town for a bit to enter Freestone Climbing’s First competition. It was a huge success from my point of view. Kerrek, Charlie, and Dominick all showed up making for a good men’s comp. We all climbed pretty well getting a 3 way tie between Kerrek, Charlie and I going into finals. I think we all got to the same spot more or less on the final and it ended up coming down to attempts to our highpoint to determine who won. Luckily I had gotten there on my first try which gave me 1st place. Since the weather was kinda crappy out we didn’t stay overnight to climb in Missoula making for a long day of driving but it was really worth it in the end because alot of the kids on the team climbed really well, we put 5 people into finals (Inge, Juliana, Katrina, Franny, and Myself) Way to go girls!

After all my Finals I took what is becoming my now annual post semester road trip. This year I went down to Lander, WY with Kyle and Jarred and the weather cooperated much better than last year in Ten Sleep. We enjoyed a long weekend of sunny days but cool temps which was great for sending, sadly I had to leave early so I could go back to NH so I couldn’t hop on any new projects for me. Jarred had a great time sending a couple of 12s to get back into shape after taking time off healing a bum tendon pulley.

As soon As I got back to NH I got home I had my wisdom teeth removed so I haven’t been able to climb yet this trip. The weather looks like it might hold out for the weekend though, I’m hoping I can make it out to Rumney or a local spot in Goffstown on Saturday and climb something this trip. If not oh well I’ve got a little over two weeks before my real job starts this summer, decision time…. stay around town for new stuff on frog rock, or go explore the Clark’s fork, or back to Ten Sleep or Lander again… I don’t know, but I’m sure i’ll make it to all these places this summer at one time or another. I really do enjoy the freedom that summer gives me to do whatever I want to do. Carpe Diem, life is to short and too precious to waste.

Here are some photo’s from the last two months or so:

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