Billings, Buckles, and Bouldering

Two weekends ago I took a mini road trip with my friend Luke to Billings for Steep World’s Montana Bouldering Championships. It was a fun comp with lots of friends from around the  state showing up. Unfortunately I lost the virtual tie for first losing the belt buckle that was at stake. It all came down to a pull up contest after three finals routes…. I was toasted afterwords. Dominick Speranza won the mens by 23 pull ups over my 22 and Molly Rennie took the Women’s gold in a much more clear-cut finals show.

I seem to live in denial that the eastern part of the state is different from Bozeman. I’ve been to Billings before to climb, but after the comp Luke, me and a couple of his friends from Sidney went out, it was a trip! Almost getting into a fight, running into Luke’s ex randomly, lots and lots of cowboys/ranchers. It’s a different life out there for sure!

This weekend I’m heading to Spokane, WA for the Wild Walls Climb Like a Psycho bouldering comp. As long as both the passes into Butte and out of Missoula don’t kill us it should be a blast. I’ve been meaning to go visit the Spokane area for some time to climb with George Hughbanks, who has made the trek to the Butte Bouldering Bash the last two years, and Josh Jackman the two coaches for the Spokane Climbing Association. I also need to thank Glenn Stewart for his donation to Touch the Sky Inc. in person for his contribution towards the Adopt-a-Route program.

Time is also counting down until the American Bouldering Series Open National Championships the weekend after next down in Colorado Springs, CO. I’m feeling stronger this year than last but that was pretty easy by just staying injury free. Last year, I was wrestling with my impinged shoulder and a tweaked pulley tendon on the same arm. Not being a strong boulderer I have no expectations for the competition. I’m just looking forward to having a fun road trip and experiencing some new route-setting ideas. I’ll be meeting up with the Aaron Hjelt (who will be DJing the event), Molly Rennie and a friend of her’s, so it should be a good time regardless of how I climb. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the doing that drive again… solo.

And speaking of the future it looks like April is going to be jam packed with mini road trips too: SCS Open Nationals, Spire’s Spring Fling, and Freestone Climbing Center’s first climbing competition!

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