Is This Really January?

I’m not sure it is. The first couple days I was back in Bozeman it was very near 50 degrees. When I went to buy books on campus most people were walking around in t-shirts playing frisbee or soccer on top of snow covered fields.

I’ve heard that this has been one of the best winter seasons for Whiskey Gulch due to the abnormally high temperatures and not much snowfall. I didn’t want to miss out on this record season,  so we assembled the crew to go mob in the sunshine. I guess everyone else in the state was thinking the same thing too because we ran into Brandon and Molly Rennie from Missoula and 6 other cars of people on Saturday.

Kevin Volkening showed us a great warm up area called the Family Wall where everyone was able to climb the many V0s and V1s.

Grumpy Old Men V1

After our warm up we headed down to the Wave boulder to try some more moderate problems. Then we went over to the senile boulder where we bumped into Jess and Peder Groseth.

Jess on the Emphysema Traverse

Since they were wrapping up we went just back down the trail to The Forty Foot Savior V3. The name is pretty much describes the problem except that the higher you get the more the slab rolls over so the crux is only at about 20 feet. With all the pads we brought we made a great landing that got tested out from crux height by Christian. Which if he had gotten to the next hold that would have been his first V3 flash at Whiskey!

Tate finishing the crux of The Forty Foot Savior V3, about where Christian fell.

After Christians fall which was exciting for everyone we went back up to the senile boulder and tried the Emphysema Traverse V3++ and Encephalitis V6. Todd came very close to sending a couple of times but couldn’t seal the deal on the crimpy exit.

Kevin, Fletcher and I then walked over to the Pope’s Penis V7. Kevin had already put two days of effort into the problem and wanted to finish out his first V7. Soon enough everyone had joined us in projecting the line.

K-bone on a failed attempt

Fletcher flying off Pope's

The crew cheering on another attempt

Fletcher on his way to sending while trying not to take out the wild pack of dogs

After Fletcher’s send we waited for everyone to group back up, and I was able to convince everyone to come spot me on The Arete of Doom just up the hill. As usual once I got it sort of figured it out everyone else had to give it a try. Thanks for taking pictures Tate.

The Arete of Doom V6

If this season keeps up the way its going I’d love another t-shirt weather day out at whiskey in the middle of January, but I’m not sure the skiers would like it very much if it did.

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