The 603 is Calling

Well I’m done with all my finals, which brings another semester to a close. The good thing about the end of the semester is always a break from school. I know, I know I just had a week off for thanksgiving but that was a month ago and the week prior to finals week the so called “dead” week is actually anything but “dead” as last minute projects are assigned and the last midterm is taken just before classes end, and in some cases on the last day of classes.

And so, with 3 and a half weeks of freedom I am making another journey, though more about seeing parents, relatives and friends than just climbing. I’m taking off today to make my way back to the east coast. As history would have it, I have yet to make it home the day I was planned to arrive, and I would love to break that record this year, knocks on wood, but I will be at the mercy of the elements and the busy travel week with college kids from all over trying to get home for Christmas.

My brain is fried from cramming all that last minute information in it and it will be nice to be able to sit down and take some time to get some things taken care of  that should have been done long ago. For example i’m planning on using the flight times to make my winter training schedule, and to put together out a coaching/training packet for a friend who is a manager at a new climbing gym in VA that sports a 100 ft long lead wall!!!

The weather, I have been told is nice, unusually warm so it may be another brown Christmas but it should make trying to go climbing outside much easier than it is here in Bozeman lately (cold but not that cold and not enough snow) which makes for good ice climbing but not good for much else. I can’t wait to be back in the Live Free or Die state!

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