The Semi-Annual Bozeman Migration

It’s that time of year again; everyone else in the country is raving about perfect crisp fall conditions, meanwhile my neighbors are sharpening their ice axes because the ice in Hyalite is already fat! Fall graces MT with its presence for a very short period of time leaving most of us jealous of the rest of the nation until they join us in winter’s embrace. By the time thanksgiving break comes around most of us have had just enough of winter to be annoyed, so instead of trying to shred some thin rocky pow or get after early season ice; Bozeman rock climbers make their semi-annual migration down to Utah/Desert Southwest!

Be it Indian Creek, Red Rocks, or Joe’s Valley all of us rock climbers (in denial of winter); seek out the last of the warm sunshine for the next four months until the next migration can occur. This year there are two large groups going to Joe’s Valley and Indian Creek, respectively. For the third year in a row, I’ll be heading down to Joe’s for a week of bouldering and camping in the cold. Last year we meet less than ideal conditions with nightly lows approaching 0 F and snow that pushed us out to Triassic (about an hour northeast). The forecast this year is a bit warmer, knock on wood, with highs in the mid 40s and lows mostly in the 20s and high teens. I’ll be meeting up with the usual list of suspects on a bouldering trip from Bozeman: Henry, Micaela, Kelsey, Jarred, Erik, Jeff, Fletcher, Texas, me and maybe a few others will round out what I will call the Bozemanite Boulderous migration. Meanwhile Kevin Volkening, Tate, Shawn, Marge, Todd, Pat, et al. will be making up the migration of the B. Creekians. As with all Bozeman migrations great sends, memories and of course massive fires will ensue and all will be content.

I don’t have any fast and hard projects that have to be done but I am looking forward to spending some time in the left fork and trying many problems I haven’t done before. The list possibilities includes : Playmate of the Year V9, Worse Case Scenario v9, and Kill by Numbers V5 and that’s about it, so far. I’ve been trying to train a bunch since Full Gravity Day and have been feeling some power returning slowly. Other than wishing for Friday to come sooner I’ve been working hard to get all the homework that I have to get done before Friday out of the way so I can focus on packing and this:

Dave Reuss on Pocket Rocket V6 in New Joe's

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2 Responses to The Semi-Annual Bozeman Migration

  1. Jim says:

    BozePerson’s unite!

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