Bolting and stuff

A couple of days after I got back from Boulder I received a package of hangers to go along with the bolts and other supplies I got a few weeks ago to start equipping new routes. Unfortunately while fore-running boulder problems at work my first day back climbing after the comp, I pulled a tendon because I didn’t warm up that well. This combination has made a good mix for a bit of resting. Other than recovery and injury prevention I’m going to take some time off of training until Full Gravity Day. This may not give me the best shot at making finals but we’ll see what happens, I never expect much at Full Gravity Day but its a ton of fun and I wouldn’t miss it.

new hangers in all there glory, before being painted

The new route is marked with the red line

The route that I put up at the Foyer is to the right of Christianity on Demand and is somewhere in the 5.8 range. 4 bolts to chains

I can’t believe it but we actually have a real fall season this year in MT. It’s the first one that I have experienced in the three years I’ve been here. Lets hope this weather sticks around for a bit longer before old man winter and La Nina attack in force again.

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