Just Another Journey…

Since the 4th of July I haven’t been up to much. Work at Spire, work at MSU, and working for Touch the Sky have been top on the list and climbing came second. mostly I’ve been doing easier gear routes including the Skyline Arete, and a complete free climb of Gallatin Tower (my first time).

But on Friday afternoon my roommate Chris, his dad Doug, and I will be leaving for an adventure out of the ordinary for me in the last 3 years. We will be heading down to the Wind River Mountains for a 100 mile traverse of the range starting from Dubois, WY to Lander, WY. I haven’t hiked extensively since I was in highschool and I have a feeling this is going to kick my but for the next 9 days. I wont be bringing my camera, that’s Chris’s job, so I might be a pretty dry trip report when I get back, wish me luck! Hopefully you have had a more productive July than I had and many more journeys to boot (pun intended)!

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1 Response to Just Another Journey…

  1. Jim Macartney says:

    Have great time.

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