I just got my new camera from Erik AKA boulderingmontana.com today. I’ve never owned my own SLR camera before but I’ve used a few of my friends over the years and I’ve always wanted one, but the price was too off-putting. Erik mentioned to me while in Joe’s Valley that he had a old camera he would be willing to part with for cheap. I jumped on the offer, I have to say it was a steal which is probably the only way I would have gotten a SLR.

I’m pretty new to the whole photography thing, I’m used to using a “point and shoot” on auto to take pictures, the banner above is proof of that. Luckily my roommate, Chris, is a photography major so I’ll be drawing on him to show give me a better understanding of what an f-stop is, how to use the ISO setting, etc.

My parents (particularly my mom) has wanted me to take a photography class while I’m in college, and I might do just that in the fall. In the mean time, I’ll be trying to practice taking better photos in the mean time.

Some of the first shots:

I so wish those power lines weren't in the way...

Thanks for the camera Erik, I hope you and the Ho’s have a great trip to Bishop!

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