The Prognosis

Today I went to see an orthopedic surgeon to have another look at my shoulder. The now normal assortment of odd shoulder positions and resisting movement to check the stability of each muscle and tendon ensued. This time they took x-rays of my shoulder. From the x-rays I was told I have good spacing between my joints, since thats about all you can see in the pictures. With the x-rays and the range of motion exam my doctor told me I had another episode of impingement (inflammation caused by pinching the tendon between two bones) in my shoulder. The diagnosis is pretty simple: PT, to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles to correct my posture and open up the joint while is moving.

This is good because it means I most likely don’t have anything too severe. But with only two days until I compete, PT won’t give any positive results by then. So it looks like I’m going to start eating my good old friend Vitamin I like its candy again for a while to relieve any inflammation of the tendon I get from now until I start PT.

In other news I’m in the process of buying a used camera from a friend so I can get some more pictures up. Hopefully I’ll have it in time for my trip to Boulder so I can take some pictures of the competition. I haven’t had a working camera for about 6 months or so it seems like. It’ll be nice to be able to take pictures to keep my friends and family updated with what I’ve been up to; and I’m excited to learn the art of picture taking from my roommate Chris who graduated with a degree in photography last may.

Speaking of the competition. I’ve got a 3 o’clock climbing time for qualifiers for the ABS Open Nationals this Friday. As everything stands I’m glad I’m still going to be able to compete even if I’m not at 100%. This will be my 2nd onsight bouldering competition and hopefully I can improve my strategy and results from last summer, when I went to the UBC Pro Tour stop at the Outdoor Retailer show. Going in I’m not looking for a great finish, that was never the point of entering this event. I’m going up against some of the best boulderers in the country and I’m looking forward to learning how to conserve my power and to figure out how to solve boulder problems quickly and efficiently.

And of course I’m psyched to watch finals go down. From what I can tell a few of the “normal” podium finishers wont be in attendance, so this year might be the year we get a dark horse to raise to 2nd or 3rd place for the mens and a this may be the year that we see the Alex and Alex show get split up by a younger competitor. You never know in an onsight comp. If you want to watch the Semi-Finals and Finals online go to at 10am – noon MST (Noon – 2pm EST) Saturday and 7:45 – 10:45pm MST (9:45pm – 12:45 am EST) respectively.

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