PaPoP Results

Finally here are the results from the Prince and Princess of Plastic:

The Women’s Results:

1st Leigh

2nd Joanna

3rd Christine

4th Tessa

Going into finals the top 3 competitors were very close points wise. Jo made a quick rise past everyone else by getting to the last hold on the first final, but a shoulder injury just prior to the event made it very painfull for her to make the crux move on the 2nd final at about 2/3 height. Leigh took first place with a commanding flash of the 2nd final to secure the win.

From a setters standpoint that was perfect. No two competitors fell on the same move on either route. Leigh’s comeback and Jo’s fight to keep the lead gave a phenomenal show for the crowd.

The Mens Results:

1st Pat

2nd Matt

3rd Ian

3rd Colin

3rd Zach

Things with the men didn’t go like we wanted them to from the start. Durring the 2nd qualifying heat, which all of the finalists competed in, we had, at one point, 9 people  who were on track to complete the five of the top six routes. With only three of those people flashing three of the routes, most everyone else was redpointing them. When we finally noticed we (Kevin and I) kind of freaked out a little bit and were trying to come up with ways to deal with 8 or 9 people in finals.

As things turned out we only had 5 people get into finals. Then on the first final we had a stopper move about half way though. Pat was the only person who stuck the move and then took it to the top. The 2nd final got tweaked a ton a few minutes before hand one of those changes ended up to be the wrong choice on my part. Joe had taken a foothold off of the mens final the night before and placed it on the womens final I didn;t find it until the mens finals had started so we just moved a few of the golf balls quickly and called it good.

Unfortunately, everyone got stuck right in the beginning again. Matt was able to come up with some alternate beta and took it to the top creating a tie with Pat. So Kevin and I had to come up with another route on the fly. We made it too easy but it worked out anyways. Pat flashed it. Matt on the other hand didn’t see a key undercling and while trying to get past it his foot slipped and fell low.

We had 62 Competitors over the two day festival and from what I heard (I was doing some last minute adjusting on the mens finals) the slackline competition went very well. So look forward to it making a repeat appearance for next year.

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