General News

So I was going to do a post-Prince and Princess of Plastic post, but it’s going to have to wait a little bit because a few things have come up that are a little bit more interesting. About two weeks ago I accidentally strained my A4 pulley tendon in my right middle finger (over-training). Tonight I managed to strain my right deltoid while doing a static yoga move that was intended to stretch/engage your core and LEFT shoulder.

All of this comes as ABS Open Nationals approaches in two weeks. On top of getting into a car accident early this month 2011 hasn’t been to good to me so far. I also have my suspicions that my shoulder is a chronic injury.  Keeping this in mind I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to meet many of my goals for this year. It looks like I might be glad just to be climbing at all this summer depending on how a second opinion with an orthopedic surgeon goes.

I other news I might be getting a camera soon so I can add a few pictures to liven things up on this site. My car is getting fixed on Friday, and its time to start up the Vertigo climbing team practices again.

Here’s to hoping I can still go to Smith Rock in March for spring break, I need to start taking things one at a time right now though.


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