Good Old New England Weather

While I was in New Hampshire we had the normal crazy weather patterns it seems like the total opposite of Bozeman that seems to settle into patterns for weeks. When I first got home they hadn’t gotten more than a dusting of snow then what do you know we get a full blown Nor’easter that dumped 20 plus inches in Mass and New Jersey. The best part was that two days later I went climbing at Rumney and it had to have been 40 degrees in the sun. I had to set up a hanging belay at main cliff so we could climb without getting drenched by the melt-off that appeared like rain coming off the top of the cliff. Over the next few days the weather continued to get warmer still, topping out at a mind blowing mid 50s before coming back to normal (low 30s). I got out one more time last week and was amazed at how the curtains of ice just above the parking lot had thinned in some places and there were entire routes that didn’t exist anymore, you could see the ground again too. That same day it went from sunny and nice cold weather climbing to complete whiteout and snowed two inches…. before clearing with continued flurries and sun!

The constant changing weather can be bad for climbing (particularly ice climbing), but I have to be thankful for the New England weather being the way it is. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go rock climbing in January. Last year it definitely got me psyched to start climbing outside again after getting shut down by the cold since November. Its also nice to get to go back and climb on some schist, I really like the swirls in the rock and the formations that create the handholds. I find it unique in the same way that limestone is unique for climbing on. This year I got to try (didn’t finish too much though) a bunch of new routes at Rumney which was cool because I only repeated classics this time last year. I went bouldering at rumney for the first time too, we weren’t able to get much climbing in (that was the day it snowed on us), but I’ve always walked past the boulders before to go route climbing.

Other than the climbing it was really nice to see a lot of my friends and to relax with my family. Since most of my family is spread throughout the country it was just my parents and my uncle for Christmas. My mom also took me up to see my great aunt who lives in Maine. I didn’t do too much other than hang out at my house or go climbing over break so I’m looking forward to being back in Montana to do something.

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