The Perennial List

So back in September I mentioned the reason for starting this blog up was my frustration in facebook’s note system. For the last two years I have been publishing a “to do” list for the year. This all started because my friend Jeff LeCours showed me a post of Paul Robinson’s blog that was his list of routes he wanted to try in the coming year. Jeff then decided to copy it for himself, a few of my other friends in New Hampshire did the same, so I eventually made one for myself too. The first year it was only about what routes/problems I would try to climb. Last year I added in the comps that I wanted to go to and the big events that I was planning on going to.

I really like the idea of the list it creates goals for you to get to. and even though you many not follow a straight path to get to them I finished about 50-60% of the list the first year and I think closer to 60-70% this year. And I accomplished all the side/event goals I had put on there as well.

The thing I really didn’t like was that when using facebook’s note’s system its really hard to find and look at the lists I’ve made back in January during the summer when i’m actually doing most of the stuff on the List. So I decided I would post it here. It and this year I decided to add a Life Goals list as well, of things I want to do before I die, as well. This will hopefully let me keep track of the list better and make it easier for me to update through the year.

Over the last two weeks I’ve really been trying to figure out how to do this in an organized fashion. On top of posting the 2010 in Review article I totally forgot to write this post on why i’m doing all this. So I’m sitting here writing at 4:40 am EST on new years day 1/1/2011, typing away instead of sleeping like most people on the west coast are starting to do now…. So I’ll apologize ahead of time if any quirks happen on this site around 9am ish today when I scheduled everything to be published, I’m supposed to be out at breakfast with my family at that time so I wont be able to fix it until later (if its broken that is).

I’ve always been a little ambitious with my upper end goals so don’t look for me to accomplish all of them but I think from what I did last year (is it me or does that feel really weird to say just yet) I should be able to shore up most of the projects I had from last year without a monstrous amount of effort.

I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve. I’m going to sleep.

Oh and P.S. for anyone in the Bozeman area January 22nd and 23rd. You should attend the Prince and Princese of Plastic Competition Hosted by the Climbing Wall at the MSU Fitness Center. We have been concocting some special tricks and surprises for all those who are going to compete. (Insert Evil Grin Here)

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