Heading back to NH

I started to write something about finals and then thought to myself “What am I doing!?” so I deleted all of it. The real reason for this post isn’t to try to impart some emotion about how finals week sucks, we all already know that, but that I get to go back to NH (New Hampshire for those who don’t know) on Friday. As hard as it is to trick my mind into thinking about something other than Organic Chemistry or Calculus right now, I’m supper excited to go home, try to sleep like a normal human being, climb at Vertical Dreams, make at least one possibly fruitless trip up to Rumney to climb on some schist, go buy Christmas gifts that I can’t afford, and relax with friends and family that I have become “semi-foreign” to.

Recently December has been a month of reflection for me. I look at what I’ve done and what I want to do. This year I feel like all of a sudden I got Old. I know its all relative because I’ll always be a young to my parents but when I start getting called old by the 1st through 4th graders I had over the summer and this fall its a little unsettling. Last weekend when I was talking to my Mom we were trying to remember the age of the two cats that my parents have. Neither of us could remember how old they were, but my dad had found a picture of them when we got them from 2003. I then said that made then 5 years old, thinking for some reason that I was still 18… wrong. I’ve been feeling my age more this year, maybe it has to do with not being a teenager anymore, but I don’t know. Maybe I just want to be 18 in my heart of hearts…. Maybe I let those kids get to me a little too much.

Well I guess I should go turn in my bonus homework for Calc before the math office closes…. Peace Montana. I’ll be back in a month.

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