Thanksgiving in Utah

I know its been a little while since my last post but the required study time for two exams in a week upon my return to Bozeman (sans study time in Utah) kept me from putting the time to collect all the information from the trip and type it up.  So here it is;

On any roadtrip there are two things that will make or break a trip: 1.) The People you travel with and 2.) Weather. On this trip I couldn’t complain a lick about the people, but the weather kinda sucked. When we got to Orangville on Saturday the clouds were out but it was warm, t-shirt weather, and we quickly forgot about the approaching storm. Sunday morning proved to buffet our hopes too as the sun came out gracing us on a slightly cloudy morning. Alas the clouds returned with force and started to snow. We climbed anyways until the snow stopped. Right in the middle of the day just after we had finished lunch the snow picked up again but this time without any sign of respite. So we did what anyone would do we packed up and had ourselves a snowball fight before we took off for Triassic near Elmo.

We spent the next four days in Triassic. Triassic was a lot nicer because its away from the mountains so its warmer and gets less snow but is windier. Over the next four days the worst we got was a dusting of snow one morning. But man was it cold, the temperature at night got down to single digits on a few nights and the extended cold managed to freeze everything from the apple sauce to the our water completely solid!

With the bad weather in Joe’s most of us weren’t able to get on the project we were hoping to get on, but nontheless the antics of the trip were great. The moral of the trip is basically that, when car camping, always bring a two burner stove. After having to wake up each morning and quietly eat my bland oatmeal and tea while Henry, Erik, and Jarred cooked up gourmet meals I don’t think I can go car camping again without one. The other moral from our trip is that when you mix sealed cans and fire you create a bomb. Over the course of the trip we managed to explode a beer can, a pop can, and a can of tuna (all on purpose). We also managed to blow up a MSR fuel canister that had to have been pretty full, on accident. If you don’t know what i’m talking about its 4  fl. oz. of Isopropylbutane  (highly flammable hence why its used for stove fuel).

Thanksgiving day was pretty memorable for me cause I went off by myself and tried to climb Negro Negro, 60% Classic, and the Golden Ladle. I didn’t manage to climb any of them, damn hard topouts on all of them. But I did all the moves and made a link on Negro Negro to the last move on the topout before my fingers went numb. Its a beautiful rock and great movement so I’ll definitely be back to send that thing packing. Then I went over to find the crew at Eon Blue Apocalypse and the Petroglyph boulder. Henry, Makayla (sp? sorry), and me went back to our camp a little early and got dinner started. Since we had decided to cook one meal for everyone we had to cook on the fire using tin-foil pans we made on the spot. Everything came out a different time so we had something of a seven course meal that started out with acorn squash then we had the the normal potatoes and cooked veggies, the ham came out great cooking it over the coals, then we had green beans and corn, followed by cranberry sauce, and we ended everything with a pumpkin pie. Followed by a Huge fire we had a great night that I wont soon forget.

The weather didn’t ruin our climbing though, thankfully. Even though I didn’t send anything too hard I climbed about twice the number of problems as last year. Erik and David both sent their first V7s and Henry topped out his first double digit problem.

Here some of the Problems the crew sent while I was in Joe’s Valley:

Jitterbug Perfume V11 Joe Meiners

Resident Evil V10 Henry Schlotzhauer (from the common start) and Joe Meiners (from the original start)

Chips V7 Erik Christensen and David Funatake

Desperate V7 Jeff Ho (“seasonal flash”), Henry Schlotzhauer, and me

Nerve Damage V6 Joe Meiners and Me

Planet of the Apes V6 David Funatake

Self Service V5 Joanna Onorato, David Funatake, and me

Roll the Dice V5 Joanna Onorato, David Funatake, and me

Reading Rainbow V5 Joanna Onorato and me

Snake Eyes V4 Makayla (sp?)

I have to apologize because I can’t remember who sent what, especially the stuff from Triassic that I don’t know the names of the problems we did and from the days I wasn’t climbing with most of the crew.

Erik put together a good video of the trip on his blog here. I’m still waiting on David to post the pictures that I took on his camera but hopefully there will be another video courtesy of Henry and some more pictures from Erik (maybe) coming soon.

Now I’m off to finally make my thanksgiving dinner. Wish me luck I’m going to need all the luck I can get to cook my first turkey….

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving in Utah

  1. I may have sent Chips, but I still haven’t done a V7… Also, in his SoCo fueled drunken stupor, Ho fell off the beginning of Desperate, then “BaaaaZaaaaahhhttt’d his way through it for one of the most entertaining moments of the trip. Another Ho-try-hard moment that deserves mention was the one-arm-360-dyno ascent of Dynosaur. I filmed every attempt before that, then right when I leave he does the craziest move ever. Can’t believe I missed that…

    • suhbrand says:

      Your entitled to your opinion Erik, I’m just “reporting” the grade given in the guidebooks.

      I’ll never forget the “BaaaaZaaaaahhhttt” moment or the flying toe hook he did at the same time!

      PS nice tights

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