Sendtember in Review

October’s here even if it doesn’t feel like it yet (and lets hope the warm weather holds out a few more weeks). I’ve been on the road a lot it seems like over the past month so I I’ll give a little recap of the major events.

9/4: For Labor day weekend I went to Spire Rock with two of my friends Scott and Wes and met a new friend Lisa. All told we didn’t do too much climbing because the weather didn’t seem to want to cooperate with us and sent a thunderstorm rolling in about every 4 hours so just as things started to dry off and become nice another cell would roll through and start the whole process of drying over again. But I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever climbed so fast up a multi-pitch route to get out of the way of a storm.

9/11: The headline for the weekend could be called: 3 pads, 4 people, 5 hours, 1 Jetta. I drove out to Hamilton, MT with Fletcher, Taylor, and Zach with 3 pads to go to the Lost Horse Climbing Festival. Needless to say it was cramped, and we couldn’t talk to each other because there was a crash pad bisecting the car, we each had our own little cubicle of space in the car with not much room to move (my right shoulder rested on the pad for the entire trip). The boulders were worth the discomfort though, beautiful and huge Gneiss boulders. Fletcher and I came 1st and 2nd in the open division while Zach came in 4th for the intermediate division. For the dyno comp Fletcher dominated! He easily flew up to the jumps the rest of us could only slap, no joke. For our winnings we came away with 6 raffle prizes and 4 boxes of Balance bars. Luckily Pat agreed to take one of our pads with him and give us just enough room to fit all out winnings inside the tiny little Jetta.

9/18: On Friday night I went to see the reel rock film tour and then left to immediately travel down to Pocatello for the Pump with Zach and Chris. Bozeman had a strong showing that weekend and we came away with two of the coveted mugs. David, Kevin, and Zach came in 1st, 2nd, and 4th respectively in the City of Rocks (5.11) category and I came away with my goal of breaking 500 points to secure the Yosemite (5.12) category, but not without making myself so exhausted that I got sick in between the top rope qualifiers and the lead finals. Other than the climbing we entertained ourselves in Ross park for so many hours I think we went a little stir crazy, then we went to watch my first live boxing match between David’s friend Becca and a girl from Salt Lake City.

9/26 Finally, I spent a weekend in Bozeman for a change. Saturday I worked at Spire with an amazing group and then had to belay for a birthday party that reminded me of working at the Y again, ugh, but afterwork I got to go to Joe and Leigh’s groomsman’s dinner and I was taught/learned how to walked a slack line for the first time!

Sunday couldn’t have been better. Bozeman had the same bluebird day as Saturday had been making for a great time to get married. Leigh Spokas and Joe Manlove got married in a quick touching ceremony and then we celebrated for the rest of the day and on into the night moving from slacklining and unicycling to bikepolo.

So for 3 out of 4 weekends in September I was out of Bozeman which was good in that I started doing a lot of bouldering again but bad in that all the projects close to home got left unattended to. October looks to be about the same as September. So far, I already got dragged on my first visit to Cody, WY to go bouldering over the last weekend with a great crew. I’m psyched, the boulders were good quality and the problems hard, amazingly I somehow managed to  squeak out about 30 problems from V0 to V8 in  just over 24 hours. I don’t see myself not going back to Cody with the number of hard problems and more stellar classics left to be done

In other news my shoulder was a champ and made it through the arduous task of two  full on competitions, withstanding a lot of abuse, with only a little bit of real training. My shoulder’s definitely healed but its weak so I need to start getting back into training again to prevent the injuries that seem to be coming my way all of a sudden (keeping an eye on my knee now, damn drop knees).

With the colors turning I seem to be smiling a lot with all the memories of the falls from my childhood coming back. Fall’s hands down my favorite time of year, now its time to make this fall memorable too.

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