A Bigger Better “New Year’s” List

I wanted to start this because I’ve made kind of a tradition of posting a “New Year’s” list of things to do over the next year.  This year I was planning on changing it up a little bit, and I wanted to get the list off of Facebook. New Year’s is still a long way away, so you’ll have to wait to see what I mean, but I’ll give you a hint that its a bit bigger than in the last two years, so I already started coming up with ideas.

The real reason I wanted to get the list I had made off of Facebook was it was hard to update and its not really how I wanted to share it with my friends. I’m also going to use this blog a bit like a diary. Over the summer of 2009 I tried to start a diary mostly for my climbing but by the time the school year came around I stopped writing in it more than once a month, if I wrote in it at all that month. So when I came up with the idea to start this I figured that I check other climbing blogs often enough that I would keep this one more up to date.

So anyways I’m taking off tomorrow night for Pocatello, ID to go to the 28th annual Pocatello Pump with Zach and Chris. For those of you who have never heard of the Pump before its a two day climbing competition held outside at the basalt cliffs of Ross park right in the middle of town. The Pocatello Pump is more than just a competition though. Its the longest running outdoor competition in the United States and its a festival for the climbers of Pocatello to celebrate being different from everyone else. By far the best part of the comp is the raffle though. The winners get hand crafted mugs which is cool but then everyone gets drawn for the raffle that is the largest amount of schwag I’ve ever seen in one place at one time!

Hopefully everyone goes out and enjoys the rest of  September Sendtember. The weather here in Bozeman has improved from earlier in the month so hopefully we will enjoy a long fall season, into November if we are lucky. Not all who wonder are lost…

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